March 3, 2012

East Sussex dating for over 60’s – 3 reason why outdoors people love it

Are you in search of a getaway for you and your beloved one? Are you in search of an excursion away from London? Summer is usually the time to take time out and relax with friends and relatives. It is also the time to discover new places and enjoy new terrain. It is the time one may have an opportunity for a date with the beautiful outdoors away from the city. Popular East Sussex dating for over 60’s sites provide excellent gateways; with their beautiful villages, charming landscape and a rich history.

Situated on the English Channel, Sussex has two main cities namely, Chichester and Brighton. The first East Sussex dating for over 60’s spot is the Festive theatres in Chichester. Outdoor performances also make big on the performance list. Some of the events showcased are comedy nights and cabaret. Another sight to behold in Chichester is the Cathedral along the city walls.

The second reason why outdoor lovers find East Sussex dating for over 60’s locations fun is the beaches. Brighton, the second city in Sussex County, is a renowned beach city with direct connection by train from London. It is considered the capital of Britain. Interesting sights to see are the pebble beaches and arcade games. One may also take time to enjoy swimming in the sea at this point; costume or skinny dipping.

The wonderfully sculpted Royal Pavilion will not escape you with its Chinese décor and architecture from Indian orient. At this point, you could take a detour and purchase some jewellery. The next stop would be the Sea Life Centre, which is reputed to be the oldest aquarium the world over. Brighton is a sight to behold; with beautiful seafront, museums, charming streets and buzzing nightlife.

Thirdly, among all the beauty and activity in Chichester and Brighton, there are other smaller picturesque towns such as Rye, Burgess hill, Bexhill-on-sea, Hastings, and Seaford. If one took a walk along the dock, or set to find the Camber Castle, Rye becomes the next thing that makes for a beautiful, quiet evening in East Sussex. Besides, Uckfield, Newhaven and Polegate situated by seafronts or at river mouths, definitely make for nice, private evening getaway.

When people who enjoy the outdoors visit East Sussex dating for over 60’s hotspots, they have a lifetime experience with numerous options to make a choice from and many memorable and unique moments. The picturesque terrain and cool seaside creates a beautiful end of the day.

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January 24, 2012

Dating sites for the over 60’s

Beginning again at 60 using online internet dating sites can be a fulfilling existence, all about reaching new people and discussing fresh encounters. Sometimes individuals are too shy to put themselves out there with new people and finish up on their own. . When you reach the tail end of your life, if you’ve still got your friendships around you, you might consider yourself fortunate. Should you not, well, it’s not impossible to begin again. Generally people know one another a lot better than in the past. They are more aware of what’s happening around them as well as about things happening all across the globe.

The Internet has enabled people to become closer than we could once have been able to imagine. Tracking down a lost friend is possible. Enrol in any social media website and you quickly find yourself in contact with names from your past. You may be married or single. Whatever your situation, the internet can help you to create new relationships and revive old ones. You could meet the the perfect person there. You never know what is waiting for you.

Your Sixties can be the start of a new lease of life, with the right person beside you. There was a time where living together until death us do part was standard, today relationships come and go much more readily. Younger generations have discovered new vistas abroad and are constantly looking for more far reaching possibilities. All of this comes as a result of the technological boom brought about by the creation and development of the internet and social networking.

Today it’s not necessary to visit several dating agencies in the hope of meeting your ideal companion. Who wants to do that, especially at 60. It’s much simpler, just join up to dating site for the over 60’s and find a wealth of people and instantly start meeting people who are based world wide or locally. Sites which target online dating for over 60’s would be the perfect place enabling you to effectively find individuals who share similar ideas and views from around the world.

Online dating for over 60’s websites and blogs have huge numbers of people from your generation and there’s every chance that you’ll meet somebody that is right for you. Which means that you can forget about ads in newspapers or visiting dating agencies. You just need to use the internet.These online dating sites for over 60’s provide information regarding people who have specific preferences so that you don’t have to check the complete list. It is easy and simple. Design your profile, list your preferences, start communicating and start connecting.

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July 13, 2010

mature dating websites for the over sixties

Mature dating websites for the over sixties – Are you catching up on missed opportunities?

We read with interest the latest news from Australia…senior retirement facilities are becoming hotbeds of passion as many senior citizens are enjoying active sex lives ..often with more than one partner.

The article published on 12th July 2010 shares research and findings from care homes in Australia:

Senior citizens in Australia’s old-age homes and retirement facilities are leading active but ‘risky’ sex lives and most of them have more than one active partner.

A research in Australia, which surveyed 320 men and women, has found that sexual activity among the 82-87 age group is “reasonably common”, while online dating by people over 50 was also growing.

However, experts from the Council on the Ageing say that the seniors need to be schooled in safe sex, and have called for workshops and guideline policies to be implemented into aged-care and retirement facilities to help staff deal with “promiscuous behaviour”, The Age reported.

Old-age homes have reported a jump in the number of over 65s leading an active sex life, including multiple partners, and they were more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour than their children, Council spokeswoman Anne-Maire Elias said.

“They were a generation who missed out on all the safe-sex education,” she said. “We love that these older people are sexually active but, with an increase in Viagra and multiple partners, aged-care facilities should welcome safe-sex workshops for their residents.”

Ken Gleeson, a behavioural consultant, who is scheduled to publish a document titled “Sexuality in the Elderly: Intimacy and Sexual Policy”, said staff tended to put sexual behaviour among the elderly in the “too hard” category.

“There is a widespread belief among workers that the elderly should not be participating in sexual activities,” he said.

The full article can be found at:

So, if you feel you are missing out and want to find some partners for companionship, friendship, or as in Australia something a little more!…why not join our recommended Senior Dating site – its free to join and browse without commitment or cost  – you only pay if you want to read or send messages – click this link for the mature dating website for the over sixties

March 20, 2010

dating for the over sixties (60’s) – dating older men and women concerns

One of the questions we have heard several times in the context of dating of the over sixties is a question that you might not consider at first. We’ve framed up the question below and some of the responses we’ve heard….we’d love your views too…what do you think?

If you’re looking for over 50’s/ over 60’s friends and the natural friendship extension is dating for the over fifites/ sixties:

– Would you go on holiday with your different sex friend ( and I mean only Friend at this stage).  Think this through in some detail…. what would you do and more importantly how would you feel if He/She was up dancing all night and left you sitting there with your drink. What would happen if you or your friend were to meet someone and one of you were left to walk about for the rest of the holiday alone?

Some answers we’ve heard are…

I’ve been on holiday with my different sex friend (just friend), and we had a great time. Why on earth would there be a problem if one of us fancied someone while on the holiday? That happens whether your holiday companion is same sex or not.

Depends who was paying for the holiday!!

It is down to the context and expectations. As a friend, I’d expect them to be considerate and think about how I felt.

We’d love to hear your views…what would do..have you had that experience…share your experiences here on the blog or in the discussion forums at Senior Dating UK

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