April 8, 2012

Isle of Wight dating in your 50’s – looking for romance – 4 places to visit

The Isle of Wight of is the largest island of England. It located off the south coast, on the English Channel. It has been a holiday destination since the Victorian times. It has a vast array of wildlife and also has a rich history.
The Isle of Wight dating in your 50’s scene has come of age. There are many online dating and match making websites eager to help people meet their potential partners. Isle of Wight dating in your 50’s agencies is also available for those wanting to find their perfect date.
One of the places dating couples can visit is the Isle of Wight zoo. Located in Sandown, the zoo is dedicated in the conservation of wildlife both at the zoo and in their natural habitats. They keep a variety of animals including monkeys, lions, tigers and jaguars. They specialise in looking after lemurs and tigers.
Imagine visiting the home of a Queen, Queen Victoria to be precise. Osborne House located in Cowes; built in 1845 for Queen Victoria as retreat home. She moved there permanently after the death of her husband Prince Albert, till she died in 1901. The house has been open to the public since 1904. The house is virtually unchanged, and visitors are able to have an insight into Queen Victoria and her family’s life. The dating couples should find the gardens extremely amusing.
Couples who are interested in theatre are in for a treat when they visit the Isle of Wight dating in your 50’s scene. There are several theatre houses in various towns on the island, and they show both classic and contemporary plays. Some the theatres include Medina Theatre, located in Newport, Shanklin Theatre in Shanklin, and the Apollo Theatre in Newport.
Carisbrooke Castle located in Newport; is one of the main attractions on the Isle of Wight, having been around for over 800 years. King Charles I was held prisoner here after his defeat in the English civil war. It has also withstood attacks by both the Spanish armada and the French. There is a museum within the castle which holds artefacts of the Carisbrooke Castle history. Dating couples will find the gardens an exceptionally attractive and a quiet place to spend time alone.
People in the Isle of Wight dating in your 50’s scene can find a lot to do as the island has a lot to offer. Whatever their options are, they are bound to enjoy their date tremendously.

April 6, 2012

Kent dating in your 60’s- where to go with a date this Saturday

The picturesque county of Kent can be found in the southeast of England and boasts plenty of beaches, charming towns and other Kent dating in your 60’s destinations. There are plenty of destinations in this enchanting county to explore on a date, and people who have a romantic streak will be able to take their pick from a whole host of interesting Kent dating in your 60’s options.

Taking a trip to the beach is one of the most popular Kent dating in your 60’s activities, especially on a sunny Saturday. Kent boasts a long stretch of coastline, which is lined with a large number of enchanting beaches to explore. Broadstairs is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Kent, as it features a long stretch of golden sand to spread out on. The main beach here is lined with plenty of amenities, including cafes, restaurants and an impressive selection of shops. The town of Ramsgate is another great place to soak up the sun, while Herne Bay is a romantic destination to spend a Kent date.

Herne Bay started life as a traditional fishing village, and the fishing industry is still alive and well here. Young lovers will be able to spend the day wandering hand in hand along the beach, cavorting in the waves and enjoying fish and chips at one of the excellent restaurants that line the beach.

The Isle of Sheppey makes a great destination for Kent dating. This picturesque island boasts three Blue Flag beaches, and on a sunny Saturday people will be able to spend time soaking up the sun in places such as Sheerness or Minster. The Isle of Sheppey also features a large bird sanctuary, while is an excellent place to wander for a while. Sheerness is main town on the Isle of Sheppey and there are plenty of pubs here to enjoy a drink in the evening, while there is also a good selection of restaurants and other types of eateries to choose from.

People who are interested in Kent dating in your 60’s this Saturday should consider spending the day in the city of Canterbury. This historic city boasts a large cathedral, which attracts visitors from all over Europe and beyond. This is also a university city, and Canterbury boasts a fun and friendly atmosphere packed with evening entertainment options such as live music and regular performances at the Marlowe Theatre.

April 4, 2012

Lancashire dating in your 70’s – 5 fun activities for couples

Dating is an important phase for couples as it gives them a chance to assess each other. One great way of getting to know each other more is by indulging in fun and social activities together. If you are Lancashire dating in your 70’s, there are a lot of fun activities you can indulge in with your partner.

Lancashire is a diverse, rugged county with coastal resorts, moorlands, rivers, canals and beautiful countryside. It has many local cities and towns that have something special to offer couples. Couples can therefore be spoilt for choice when it comes to fun activities in this area.

This county has lots of open countryside and is therefore a wildlife haven. If you are Lancashire dating in your 70’s and you love animals, you could have fun seeing rare wildlife and farm animals in the town of Blackpool. Alternatively, you could go bird watching in the many reserves that attract different species of migrating and native birds.

Another popular fun activity is taking walks through the towns, coast and countryside as you enjoy a breath of fresh air. The town of Pendle is especially popular with walkers as they get a chance to walk up Pendle hill. Walking through the towns enables you to access quiet lanes, stunning and romantic views of the plains and moorlands. There are also plenty of beautiful picnic sites all around.

When Lancashire dating in your 70’s, you could also visit the numerous stunning county parks, gardens and theme parks that are fun packed. In the city of Preston, there are many county parks and gardens with historic landmarks and stately halls. The town of Chorley has theme parks that provide fun activities such as rides and water slides.

Couples could also visit the many popular and stunning theatres found in this area especially in Lancaster and South Ribble. Most of the theatres have great architectural character and magnificent auditoriums. Many of them offer programmes all-year-round including live music facilities and state-of-the-art performances.

The unspoilt, scenic wilderness of this county is great for different adventure sports ideal for couples. These include sailing, mountain biking, skiing, clay pigeon shooting, kite surfing and quad biking in towns like Hyndburn and Rossendale. Taking scenic and breathtaking helicopter flights is another exciting option.

If you are Lancashire dating in your 70’s, there are many fun activities that you and your partner can indulge in. These activities are spread all over this county and you therefore get a chance to explore and have lots of fun with your partner.

December 24, 2010

Looking for Companionship – find friends to spend quality time with

There has been an increasing spotlight on the over 50’s generation and the current rate of divorce that is happening to the over 50’s and over 60’s age groups. Many baby boomers born after the Second World War between 1946 and 1964 are now divorcing after over twenty-plus years of apparently happy marriage, they’ve even been labelled the `Grey Divorce’ generation.

I have quite a few friends over fifty, and they seem to be separating and divorcing all over the place, even though their marriages appeared happy and contented. With their children grown up, leaving home and leading independent lives, they have decided to go their separate ways and start afresh with their own independent new lives and new directions. I’ve noticed a trend in that my over fifty friends are wanting more out of life and are actively seeking fresh and new experiences.

There seems to be the feeling and awareness that you only live your life once, and to make the best out of it. Because they are financially better off, having had careers, long and stable pensions and gaining the most advantage from the property boom prices over the years, they have the freedom and choice to be able to break away and find new directions.

There’s also evidence that the Baby Boomer generation are more experienced and educated overall, and therefore they have the confidence and aspirations to actually break away and venture into the unknown. In generations before them, married couples stayed married because that was the expected thing to do, and also they did not have the choices that couples, both young and old, have today.

Women are also more independent today; they are more educated and have their own careers and aspirations, and are choosing more proactively whether to stay in a marriage or to change their lives and do something new. By the time they are over 50, they also feel that being the nurturing role of a wife and mother is something that they have fulfilled, and that it is time to do something with their lives for themselves. As a result, there has been an explosion in dating for the over 50s and 60s, because there’s been huge demand for more mature dating than previous generations.

My friends over fifty are dating once again, meeting new people, travelling and taking up new hobbies. They use websites that are specialist in dating for over 50s, and can meet with many like-minded people of the same generation and with similar outlooks more easily than ever before. No longer do they have to rely on discreet newspaper personal ads, and expensive, long-winded dating agencies, they can instantly go online, register with a multitude of specialist dating sites for over 50s and start meeting new people. This is becoming more and more the norm and mature generations are enjoying this format of meeting new companions and the convenience it brings.

With the huge boom in social media, it’s also much easier to stay in touch with people, both old and new friends, so the `silver surfers’ who are over 50 are forming new relationships, communicating and connecting more than ever before.

If you’re looking for companionship, why not dip your toe in the water and join up for free with SeniorDating-UK.co.uk and find people looking for friendship.