June 25, 2012

Best online pensioner dating website advice for first daters looking for a second date

First dates can get extremely tricky- you are supposed to be forthcoming and distant at the same time, you must build an interesting conversation and still measure your words carefully etc. But what matters is the ultimate result i.e. did the first date lead on to the second?

So, if you find yourself lost and bewildered in the do’s and don’ts of the dating world, you can always turn to us -the best online pensioner dating website that there is. Unlike other websites which will only confuse you, our website is committed to providing customised dating services according to your personal needs.

Here is our advice to all first daters looking to get a second date. First things first- Everybody loves to talk about themselves. That is the golden rule of dating. So, engage your date in a conversation wherein she or he gets to speak about his/her hobbies, family, childhood etc. More often than not, it is important to be a better listener than a better talker. This does not imply that you remain silent throughout the whole conversation. After all, your date is also eager to know your interests. Reveal details about yourself but maintain a lingering sense of mystery. If you are too predictable, your date might lose interest in you.

Do not get carried away on your first date. You might be having a great time but that doesn’t mean that you lose your grip on reality. Take a step back and remind yourself that it’s just the first date and it’s always a good idea to take things slowly.

The most obvious question when it comes to the first date is- where? Considering that it’s a first date, you might want to play it safe. You can always go through our website and read about different places in your locality. Our website has comprehensive information about such topics. After all, we don’t call ourselves the best online pensioner dating website for nothing.

Once you have zeroed in on a place, think about a few conversation topics beforehand. Try to stay off sensitive issues like religion or politics as these might lead to unforeseen conflicts and ruin your first date.

If you found your date through an online pensioner dating website like ours, make sure that you go through his/her personal details. The best online pensioner dating websites provide such information so that you can get an idea of his/her likes and dislikes even before you actually meet him/her.

And finally, if you start getting nervous before your first date, remember that you have the best online pensioner dating website on your side. Be your confident self and that can work wonders for you.

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June 23, 2012

Where to meet single older men with success

The dating saga is never ending. When you turn 18, you desire for an ideal partner, the same thing when you turn 40 and older. Men are rare species in the UK dating scene, a reason it is difficult to find one easily. However, this should not dampen up your spirits. You can find that special man in your life if you know where to meet single older men. By trying different meeting places, you can be sure to find yourself a date from a person with matching personality or hobbies.

The internet is one of the most renowned places where to meet single older men. Here, you can always find men willing to chat or flirt. You can only reach them if you have a profile on a singles website. In order to be successful, having profiles on various sites will expose you to numerous men. Similarly, adding your photo on the profile will enable the single men contact you easily. This is because they have an idea as to what you look like.

On the other hand, do not dwell so much in front of the computer. Clubs, pubs, and discotheques are social places where to meet single older men. Take your friends with you and have a night of your lifetime as you sip on cocktails or dance to your favourite beats. If you and your friends are sincerely having a good time without appearing bored, then, handsome men could find their way to your table.

Most guys also like to hang out in the gym to keep fit. Hit the gym at least one or two times in a week. As a result, you will eventually meet a man with whom you could create a rapport. Have a routine and do not just go there to watch the men as they exercise, take the time to shape up. The gym offers meetings with men who have the same passion as you of keeping fit.

Some event planning companies organise events for single people. Choose an event for groups in your age range. Alternatively, choosing an event for older people is also not a bad idea. The events can be limited to your hometown, a neighbouring town or County. Missing these events could mean losing on where to meet single older men who are participants or supporters of the events.

Being a religious person should make you consider joining the choir, youth group or a Christian fellowship. These church groups present favourable situations to find men with Christian values.

Shopping malls are also perfect locations for meeting single men. By window shopping in stores dealing in men’s clothing, gadgets or even DVDs, you could catch someone’s attention. In order to avoid looking ridiculous looking around, you can buy the cheapest gadget for your brother or father. The stores are perfect places to meet men shopping for their own needs.

Where to meet single older men primarily depends with the activity there and how well you are carrying it out in disguise of searching for a potential beau.

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June 15, 2012

Meet wealthy mature men looking for love

Have you ever sat around daydreaming of being swept away somewhere exotic or perhaps a romantic break in a swanky hotel, and then felt bad for wanting the finer things in life, as well as love?
At Senior Dating you can meet wealthy mature men looking for love, men who genuinely want to spoil and treat the woman in their lives; men who believe it is possible to love and give at the same time and who want to show that special someone just how much they mean to them. After all, what’s the point in having everything, when the one thing you want is to share it with someone special?
If you want to meet wealthy mature men, but don’t know where to start, then look no further: Senior Dating is the place to do it. The singles dating club will allow you to meet wealthy mature men in a safe environment, giving you the chance to chat and get to know the gentleman, before deciding to go on a date. We can offer advice on singles clubs in your area anywhere from London, Essex, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham or Bristol and as far as Edinburgh.
Whatever your needs, we will do our best to meet them. Whether it’s friendship or love, you won’t be disappointed as you embark on your journey to find love and meet your wealthy man.
It’s hard these days to meet genuine men who mean what they say and say what they mean. Going out to clubs and pubs is all very well, but finding that special someone can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. At Senior Dating, you can browse at your leisure and take your time talking and getting to know your date, before actually embarking on one. At Senior Dating, we have only the finest of gentlemen looking for love. You can meet wealthy mature men from the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to rush into anything, while you enjoy getting to know real men, with real prospects. These men are here to make you feel special, so let them!

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May 30, 2012

Online senior dating advice for keeping safe when meeting somebody new

When meeting someone new, it is definitely an exciting experience. The sense of anticipation adds on to the joy of the ‘adventure’.

While immersing yourself in the boundless world of online dating, it is important for you to safeguard yourself. These online senior dating advice are here to help you. Read through them to have a better idea.

1. Mingle more with someone in your area for a starter
There is no boundary when it comes to the internet, just like online dating. When meeting someone new online, it is always safer to start with someone who lives in your area as you are able to tell if he or she is sincere in making new friends. For example, if you are in Dartford, London, start looking for potential dates in your area or places where you are familiar with. A simple question to start of will be ‘Which is your favourite cafe in town? You might want to have a cup of coffee with me there.’ and you are ready to judge. If your date stumbles on this, beware.

2. Never ever give your personal particulars to others, not even your mailing address
Isn’t that obvious enough? You have no idea what others can do with your personal particulars so better be safe than sorry before troubles start knocking on your door. The most you can give is your contact number and email for communication purposes.

3. Do not disclose too much
They do not have to know what you are going through in life now or how much you have in your bank account. To avoid being eyed by the crooks, keep this advice in mind.

4. Never put total trust in people who are new to you
Always be alert. If you start to feel that something is amiss or not going the right direction, chances are it is. Trust your intuition more and you’re safe to move on.

5. Search the internet for more online senior dating advice
Read through dating forums for online senior dating advice and tips as they are more updated on what is on the scene. Learn from others’ experiences and make a good use out of them.

Remember, you are responsible for your own safety and it is never too much to be careful. Hope these online senior dating advice serve some help in your dating adventures. Wish you all the best!

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May 4, 2012

West Sussex senior dating – how to get the most from the countryside on a date

When West Sussex senior dating why not consider a date in the countryside. There are plenty of places in the countryside which include stunning views and points of interest. Whether you live on the coast in Eastbourne or in the country in Royal Tunbridge Wells you can take advantage of the country.
There can be nothing worse on a date than sitting in Horsham face to face and struggling to string several words together. If this date happens to be the first, or the relationship is still in its infancy, then you may be finding it difficult to start a conversation.

When West Sussex senior dating Distractions Are Good!
Distractions are good through those first few dates. Distractions start conversations, conversations that are not about either of you. Because the conversations are not about you, they become more relaxed and less forced.

Whilst having this type of conversation you will learn a lot more about the other person, things you really need to know. Personal details will always come out over time, but to learn people’s opinions, views and beliefs takes a different type of conversation, an unforced, relaxed conversation.

The countryside is a rich environment for distractions because there is so much to see and learn. Plants, trees, animals, birds, historic monuments and even the weather take on a different type of meaning when you see them in the blood, so to speak.

In the next few paragraphs are some suggestions about where to go in the countryside if you are West Sussex senior dating.

One area worth visiting is where the tracks of the old Chichester to Midhurst Railway line ran. The tracks have been lifted and a walk called the Centurion Way has been built. It runs from west Chichester, near Bishop Luffa School up to West Dean. There are some sculptures along the way and some historical features, such as the Devils Ditch. The route has a smattering of public houses, for those necessary refreshment stops. At the West Dean end there are also the Weald and Downland­ Open Air Museum and West Dean­ Gardens.

Nymans Gardens are described as having a ‘romantic atmosphere’, so where better to arrange that first meeting. Situated in Handcross the gardens are famed for their unusual plants and normally hit their peak in May.

There are many beaches in West Sussex stretching from Bognor Regis, through Brighton to Worthing, but for a truly invigorating experience why not try the circular walk at Climping and West Beach. You will find many distractions on this 4.5 mile wildlife rich stroll.

Other than these there are many other countryside places to visit that will enhance your West Sussex senior dating experience.

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April 12, 2012

North Yorkshire dating for over 70’s – 3 places to visit this year

North Yorkshire is mainly a rural farming area, with only York, Scarborough and Harrogate having a population of over 50,000. This means that North Yorkshire dating for over 70’s offers different challenges to cities and urban areas. There are large towns at Ripon, Northallerton, Knaresborough, Skipton, Whitby and Selby, and many of the smaller communities, such as Malton, Thirsk and Leyburn have a range of annual events to attract visitors, which are good places to socialise.


York is an excellent place for North Yorkshire dating for over 70’s. It is a walled city at the junction of the River Ouse and River Foss and is rich in medieval heritage. The Yorkshire Wheel was opened in the Royal York Hotel gardens on 13 December 2011, and based on the London Eye, it is a great place to get comfortable with a date and view the city. A must-visit site is the massive Gothic cathedral known as the York Minster. You can take a cruise on the River Ouse, and the city is easy to reach by train from many areas. In September the annual Festival of Food and Drink is a great place to get to know people.


Harrogate offers some unique opportunities for North Yorkshire dating for over 70’s. Mineral springs were discovered there in 1571 and it is known as a spa town. There are lots of things for a couple to do as they get to know one another. Nearby is the Yorkshire Dales national park and the Harrogate hoard, which is a 10th century Viking treasure hoard, only discovered in 2007. Betty’s Tea Rooms are very famous and there are regular cricket games played in Harrogate. In April a spring flower show is held, and in September there is an autumn flower show. The Great Yorkshire Show is held at Harrogate in mid-July.


Whitby has less than 15,000 residents, but is well worth a visit. It is a seaside town on the east coast where the River Esk reaches the sea. If you are North Yorkshire dating for over 70’s then you can take a pleasant stroll along the beach. If you prefer something active then try windsurfing, sailing or surfing. If you visit in August there is a three day regatta, with a fair, fireworks and displays. If you like different things there is a pirate day at Whitby in mid-September.

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April 2, 2012

Leicestershire senior dating – where to go if your date loves the theatre

Dating is essentially courtship that involves social activities performed by two individuals. The objective of dating is that each evaluates the other’s compatibility as a partner in an intimate arrangement or a spouse. It would normally refer to the action of getting together and undertaking some predetermined social activity in public, together, as a couple, in places such as coffee shops, theatre halls, amusement parks, ice cream parlours, nature picnics, swimming, heritage sites, etc.
Leicestershire, a county in the English Midlands in the United Kingdom, can provide splendid locations for dating Belvoir castle in Vale of Belvoir town, the Hill Fort in the Borough on the Hill town and the Melton Carnegie museum in Melton Mowbray town for nature and heritage lovers. Leicestershire County also provides a full range of music performance at the download festival at the Donington Park, Donington or has the Twycross zoo in Twycross town for animal loving couples. Nevertheless, theatres are one of the most common venues for a date. If your date loves the theatre, there are numerous options for Leicestershire senior dating locations.
Curve, a state of the art theatre, is located at the core of the Cultural Quarter. Unlike other theatres in the Leicestershire senior dating scene, Curve has no traditional backstage area that partitions the world of theatre-making from the public. It showcases ultra- modern theatre at the soul of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, creating an exhilarating experience for the date.
De Montfort Hall in Leicester city has been serving the city with top live acts for a period stretching up to a century. It has a diverse program ranging from jazz, ballet, comedy and opera to the world and roots music and West End musicals serenading you and your partner to an amazing Leicestershire senior dating experience.
The High Light theatres located in Granby Street in Leicester has been long renowned for live comedy. Annually over 1,200 comedians, both the up-and-coming and well established ones, grace Highlight theatre. This would surely keep you and your partner entertained, which is vital for a successful and fascinating date.
The Loughborough town hall is a theatre in Loughborough town would provide a memorable Leicestershire senior dating location for art lovers. It provides a 2 dimensional visual art form space at the venue from the best possible exhibitions and also holds a purchase fair whereby pieces of art can be bought and kept by the art loving couples.

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March 15, 2012

Derbyshire senior dating – 4 tips for keeping safe

Derbyshire County Council released a statement in November 2011 warning dating singles to be extra careful when meeting potential dates in the evening. Derbyshire senior dating singles planning to meet in a bar or club should always make sure they tell a friend or family member who they are going out with and where they plan to meet. The Council went on to confirm that Derbyshire’s dating scene was relatively safe in comparison to other parts of the country however, they did advise singles to take along a friend when meeting someone they don’t know for the first time.

Chesterfield is one of the most popular places for Derbyshire senior dating singles to arrange that all important first date. Full of lively bars and clubs, as well as restaurants, it has a lot to offer the newly dating couple. However, a first date, especially a blind date, should take place during the day and in a place that is populated with other people. Never arrange to meet a person at their home address or somewhere you know you are likely to be alone with them. Instead, arrange a date at a reputable place such as, Martha’s Vineyard in Chesterfield. There you can have a bite to eat and a drink, while learning more about your date. Once you know each other better, you can arrange to visit their home and vice versa.

Derbyshire senior dating singles should also take care not to accept lifts from strangers. If you have arranged an evening date with someone you do not know very well, ensure you get a taxi to take you safely home. Certain areas of Derbyshire such as Ashbourne, Hammersmith and Tidswell all run night bus services to ensure Derbyshire’s dating singles and other night-time revellers are able to get home safely. Before going on an evening date check whether the area has a night bus and what time it runs too. If there isn’t one, make sure you leave enough money to one side to pay for a taxi cab home. It is always a good idea to keep a mobile phone, or at least change for a pay phone, on you in case you need to call a friend to pick you up. Derby, one of the largest cities in Derbyshire, offers 24-hour taxi services and there are plenty of cab offices in the town centre, so you can wait for a cab in safety.

Favourite night spots such as, The Matrix bar in Ripley or the Level 2 nightclub in Buxton do get busy and it is easy to take your eyes off your drink. Therefore it is really important that, no matter how busy the place is where you are, you put your drink down somewhere you can see it at all times. This reduces the chances of someone putting drugs in to your drink without your knowing. If you are distracted or lose sight of your drink for any period of time, it is safer to buy another one. You should also never accept drinks from a stranger. The FishPond in Matlock and other similar nightclubs in Derbyshire, have security personnel as well as bar staff. If you ever feel unsafe or threatened, you should always tell a member of staff.
Keeping the above tips in mind, will ensure Derbyshire senior dating singles enjoy themselves in safety.

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May 18, 2011

Dating as a senior adult is a new experience.

Dating as a senior adult is a new experience.

People who have been married for many years sometimes think about what it was like to be single. They are tired of the status quo of their lifestyle. They remember what it was like to be to have all the freedom they wanted. But they forget about the loneliness. For most people this is only a passing thought and when they really think about it, they are happy in their current marriage. Sharing your life for many years with someone is a very special thing. Most people do not know how to start dating in your 50’s,

Some people are not that lucky and they are older and by themselves. The fifties plus generation believes in companionship and often craves having someone to share it with. If they have lost a partner, for whatever reason, it can be a very lonely situation. This is not an easy age to be on your own. Sometimes dating in your 50’s can be difficult. Almost everyone has someone to be with during this time of life.

Life is far from over at fifty. This age group has raised their children and they are now ready to start having some fun. If they are alone, it can be difficult to meet someone to share this with. Grown children have their own families to be with and siblings are busy with their independent lives. Finding a companion can be difficult. Bars and social gatherings are used by younger people to find friendships, but this generation is not always comfortable being involved in that type of scene.

More and more people are turning to different ways of finding friendships and lifetime partners. They are cautious when they meet potential mates. Looking in the newspaper for random ads is not appealing to them. ‘ Many times dating in your 50’s can be stressful. Trying a new and trusted way to meet people is what they are looking for.

Today most seniors use the internet and are very comfortable on the computer. They are looking at online dating services for people over fifty. At first it might seem a little strange, but they realize it is fun and safe. Easy to use dating and online chat rooms are interesting ways for seniors to make friends. It takes all the guess work out of dating at an older age. No need to worry about the person having habits they might not enjoy, it is all discussed online before they actually meet. Many people have meet a partner using this system. It is not just for the younger generation.

Anyone who would like to find new friendships and interests should try dating online services. They are reputable and safe. It is the new way of connecting and it has excellent results. Everyone needs people in their lives to share happiness with. There is no reason for anyone to every spend a lonely evening again. Online dating services can change the way people find happiness.

September 19, 2010

seniors dating service for meeting friends in their fifties and sixties

Senior Dating UK are proud to partner with White Label Dating to bring the best dating experience to members of Senior Dating UK. We are focused on providing a seniors dating service which lets you meet friends in their fifties, sixties and seventies.

Following detailed research into the Mature Dating market, it is clearly evident that there are more mature singles now than ever before. Research into the online dating market, results show that there are over 1,592,000 potential over 50s online daters. With more disposable income (75% lie in an affluent socio-demographic band A-C1) and time on their hands, online dating is proving to be an increasingly popular method of meeting new people.

After conducting this research White Label Dating decided to meet this demand, and successfully launched a targeted network exclusively for these individuals. This network specifically caters for the mature market and provides a community tailored to meet their needs, free from the inconveniences that come with sharing the site with much younger members.

We’re delighted to be bringing these focused services to you and hope that we can play a part in helping you find and meet new friends in their fifties, sixties and seventies.

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