March 6, 2015

Jean, 55 hardened commuter

Hmmmm…. hardened commuter, haven’t been slapped yet for singing along to the iPod, but there is always a first time. Work hours are long, the environment is demanding and can be stressful, so I value my personal space and time, prefering to slink off home at the end of the day – tend not to socialise with work mates, and a quiet drink with a couple of close friends wins over a party invite every time. Good food with a decent glass of wine, or soggy chips with a nice chewy beer – I’m not fussy as long as the company is right, but I’m most comfortable in jeans and trainers so don’t expect heels too often. Love exploring wide open spaces and cosy corners, but they are much better when shared with a special person, along with a love of history, antiques, music, animals, and a beer in the garden.
Not here for a one-night stand, or mind-games, but looking for that like-minded Someone who will accept and respect me for who I am. Was married for 22 years and more recently had a ten-year relationship which ended over a year ago, and while the single life does have its attractions and certain advantages, the novelty is starting to wear off a little. Not looking to re-marry, but if you have ever genuinely experienced life with a true soulmate then you will know exactly what I am talking about and looking for. I know my own mind and now feel I would maybe rather just stay single than be with the wrong person for the sake of being in a couple. I am a very private person so can be abrupt but generally it’s a defence mechanism. I’m solvent, reasonably self-sufficient, and sometimes a bit stubborn, but once the initial reserve wears off and you see the real me, underneath the aloof exterior I’m a softie at heart who loves to laugh. I’m currently built for comfort rather than speed, the house is sometimes a mess (but it’s mine), and the car has seen better days too, but hey, I’m a real person, just a true Scorpio so may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Time-wasters and serial daters need not apply and will be swiftly dealt with, and generally no smokers either unless you have Special Permission. Sorry if that offends.

You still reading? You don’t scare too easy then!

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