February 20, 2015

Mandy, 65, child of the 60’s

I’m a very positive and person. Being a child of the 60’s, I took full advantage of the changes taking place. I still retain that individual streak, to explore and have fun with. I live my life now, more simply – one day at a time. Today, my interests are in the more subtle energies of nature that bring me happiness and peace of mind. I now enjoy the corny things I used to scoff at – like sunsets, waterfalls, and meditation.
I enjoy my own company, and yet – dancing, walking, eating out, well lots of things really – are so much more enjoyed, or even made possible with a partner!
I spend most of my days doing voluntary work, which brings me great benefits, knowing that my life experience is helping others to move forward during their challenging times
I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with like-minded friends, who seem to have the same weird and occasional dark humor as myself. Maybe going to the gym or Qi gong (or maybe not)!! Occasionally looking after my Granddaughter. Occasionally theatre, cinema and travelling get in there somewhere, along with lots of other usual things, eating, cooking, walking……..

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