August 24, 2012

Northumberland over 60’s dating – 4 clues that your first date would like a second date

Whilst the countryside might be somewhat more splendid, the Northumberland over 60’s dating scene is as full of the pleasures and pitfalls of dating as any other. When sitting on Hadrian’s wall, or milling around the peaceful streets of Berwick-upon-Tweed, you might fall to wondering if the person you went on a first date with, wants to see you again. Here are our four top tips to telling if they do.

1. Northumberland over 60’s dating tip one: They didn’t ditch.
Most people know that first dates can go pretty badly be they in Acklington, Ancroft or Cramlington. So savvy daters have a pre-arranged parachute plan. Maybe they’ll get phoned up, or remember that they left their car on Lindisfarne and the tide is coming in. Whatever their excuse might have been, if your date lasts all the way without premature evacuation it’s probably a good sign.

2. Northumberland over 60’s dating tip two: They keep the conversation coming,
Clearly, a date where neither of you talk but just sit staring into the distance is not a good date. But you should also be weary of dates where you do all the talking, and they just sit and listen with a slightly bored expression on their faces. A really good sign is what we call ‘active participation’. For example, if you’re talking about when you lost your pet cat, and they interject with a story about a similar time when they also lost her cat, then it’s a good sign that they are listening intensely and actively enjoying the conversation.

3. Northumberland over 60’s dating three: Reading their body language.
Body language is a tricky thing to read and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing! Some people are just shy, or have nervous habits that mislead you into thinking that it is love, or hate, at first sight. Still, it’s worth thinking about eye contact, hair touching, or gentle contact (like touching your arm) as they can all be signs of feeling confident, intimate and interested in someone.

4. Northumberland over 60’s dating three: Happy endings.
The way in which the date ends is, of course pretty important. If you part company planning the farm in Prudhoe that you’ll be living in with your family, then a second date is pretty certain. But if they are evasive, or cold, then perhaps the second meeting is off.

So, whether you are in Blyth, Bedford, Berwick or Bamburgh, next time you are on a first date, keep a look at for these hot tips that there will be another!

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