May 5, 2015

over 50’s dating advice – how to kickstart your romance search

5 things you can do now to kickstart your search for romance

If you don’t like being single and are looking for romance, now’s the time to start thinking about preparing your lovelife …

Here are 5 things you can do right now to get started:

1.Attend some social events – get out and about and meet some new people. There are plenty of events to choose from all year round and even singles’ holidays (so you can get away from winter when things start getting nasty);

2. Kickstart your online dating today – if you’re not already dating online, now’s the time to start if you want to give yourself plenty of time to find someone. Looking at at least 5 different dating sites will give you a good idea as to what’s out there. You don’t have to pay for all of them, but setting up a free profile will help you gauge the level of response you get.

3. Prepare your dating profile and make sure its accurate and reflects the real you – this is a good time to check how you show up on your profile, add some up-to-date pictures, write about exciting things you’ve been doing. Of course, this is an on-going job.

4.Plan ahead to make yourself feel desirable in the coming months. Autumn is traditionally a period of less exercise and lots of drinking and eating now that you dont have to show up on a beach!. If this sounds like you, then why not head it off at the pass? Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy and desirable – joining a gym, get a trainer. play some squash, take up a dancing class (with the added bonus of meeting new people), – get yourself into the habit of doing it now.

5.Fill your diary – book events and get out and about – it’s not all about how you look. More often that not, confidence comes from how you feel (though most of us tend to feel good when we believe we look good). This time of year is great for starting a new hobby or attending an evening class, a book club, etc. These are all good ways of meeting new people, learning a new skill or developing an existing one. Apart from introducing you to new social groups, learning a new skill is a great confidence booster – especially if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do and never thought you could.

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