March 16, 2014

The DOs and DON’Ts of Dating Over 40

If you are over the age of 40, going on dates and trying to meet the right person over can be challenging, daunting and downright demoralising. However, mature dating does not need to be difficult and by following a few simple DOs and DON’Ts, you can improve your chances of making it a thoroughly rewarding experience.


1. Go in with an open mind.
– New dates should not have to suffer for the mistakes made by ex-partners. Go into each new meeting with an open mind, offering potential partners the clean slate they deserve and that you would expect from them.

2. Learn from your mistakes.
– For most mature people, finding the right partner is a process and mistakes will be made along the way. It is important to learn from them. If something doesn’t work for you, change your approach. If one type of partner is a bad fit for you, look for a different type of person.

3. Consider using the internet.
– Many people over the age of 40 are afraid of using more modern online dating methods, believing them to be exclusively for younger generations. In actual fact, most of these websites have a large percentage of users over the age of 40 and the internet can be an extremely useful tool for all adult age groups.


1. Do nothing.
– While it may seem an obvious point, if you are looking to enter into a new relationship, you need to actually seek it out. There is no point in sitting around, waiting for someone to come and find you. Yes, you may be shy or nervous, but put yourself out there.

2. Have unrealistic expectations.
– It is important to think about the sort of person you want to date and be realistic about it. If you are 45, there is no point in trying to date the kind of person you would have dated when you were 20, and it’s also not a very realistic prospect for most people.

3. Give up.
– This is perhaps the most important point of all. Many people over the age of 40 go on to find love and settle into long-term relationships. While it may not have happened to you just yet, there is no reason it can’t or won’t. Hang in there and keep trying.

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